Chemo Kits

Chemo Kits - Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

Gift ideas for cancer patients is easy with a chemo kit

What is an appropriate gift to get someone that has recently been diagnosed with cancer or is currently receiving treatment? Gift ideas for cancer patients often include flowers and you don’t want to send flowers because they end up getting thrown away. In fact, most cancer centers don’t allow flowers in patient’s rooms. Cancer patients undergoing treatment are usually neutropenic, and would prefer a chemo kit over flowers.

Flowers also say “I’m sorry”, and the last thing that a cancer patient wants is someone to feel sorry for them. Gift ideas for cancer patients doesn’t have to be that difficult, which is why Chemo Kits was founded.

Chemo Kits

Created by a stage four cancer survivor, the pick-me-up products in a chemo kit are bound to instantly brighten a patient’s day, and make them feel a little less alone. When people think of gifts for chemo patients, those familiar with the brand immediately think of chemo kits.

Chemo Kits just launched a new “Chic Chemo Kit”, targeted for women who don’t want to lose their femininity. The most popular item in the kit so far is the chic head wrap, so that when the patient ends up losing her hair, she can immediately have a chic, trendy, head wrap on deck, that’s already tied, because tying the head wraps can be confusing.

The kit also comes with a pill container for the patient to hold their pills, lip balm when their lips become dry from chemotherapy, a do it yourself popsicle maker, and a cute pen and notebook for journaling. The kit also comes with an inspirational card from the founder, that gives the recipient hope, when she shares her personal battle with cancer.

We hope that you enjoy chemo kits!


The mission behind Chemo kits is designed to brighten a cancer patient’s day, and bring a smile to their faces during the trials and tribulations of their diagnosis.
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