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Cancer is undoubtedly a frightening and draining experience, especially in the diagnosis and treatment process. Even after making it past those hurdles and circumstances, you still have to learn how to make your way through life and to stay fit

As the quote says, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” at these trying times your friend who has cancer is truly needing you. Well-meaning actions will matter most to them during this period. These are some things you

The holidays are arguably the most anticipated time of the year. It is the season that most people look forward to for joy and excitement, as families gather together and celebrate this winter holiday.  Hanging the Christmas lights, putting up tall

Cancer poses a significant impact on everyone, more so, on children who have been diagnosed with it. They face tremendous adjustments and excruciating challenges, but they are resilient. It is crucial when you talk to them about their expectations in

Chemotherapy is one of the best gifts for cancer patients, it greatly helps in people’s battle with the cancer disease. Unfortunately it has extremely unpleasant side-effects as well. That is why many cancer patients have devised their own methods for

The diagnosis of cancer can evoke a variety of difficult emotions. A cancer patient's life and the lives of those around them can be drastically changed. During treatment, it's important to remain having a positive attitude. By helping your loved

Many people have been affected by cancer. Cancer might feel fairly common at times, so much that unfortunately some people who have not experienced a love stricken with the disease seldom feel "used to it." However, when a child has

Hearing a kin, a friend, a lover, or perhaps a confidant being diagnosed with cancer brings anyone in a state of turbulence and mental anguish. You often think and ponder about the best way to support them without hurting and

Buying gifts for cancer patients is always difficult and stressful. But shopping for men can even be more difficult. A lot more effort is needed to find the best gift for a male cancer patient, we always need to find


The mission behind Chemo kits is designed to brighten a cancer patient’s day, and bring a smile to their faces during the trials and tribulations of their diagnosis.
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