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About Chemo Kits - Our Mission

About Chemo Kits - Our Mission

No one says that you have to stop being fabulous in your fight against cancer, and you certainly don’t have to fight alone! Cancer sucks, in every way, shape, and form. The mission behind Chemo kits is designed to brighten a cancer patient’s day, and bring a smile to their faces during the trials and tribulations of their diagnosis and chemotherapy. Designed by Jessica DeCristofaro, a Stage 4 cancer survivor and the “Lymphoma Barbie” blogger herself, these chemo kits were originally tested at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami with patients going through chemotherapy and sent to other cancer centers through out the country, and even in Europe! The feedback of the chemo kits was so positive, that she felt it should be shared. Jessica has worked in the Dermatology field for over 7 years, so making patients feel better about themselves is her passion. Motivational writing and speaking is another one of her passions, as she blogged her entire way through her cancer diagnosis, treatment, and even post cancer life. Jessica wants cancer patients that are going through chemo to still be able to feel beautiful, even if they are going through intensive Chemotherapy. These Chemo Kits also include inspirational items that Jessica felt boosted her mood during chemo, so she wants to return the favor that she received during her treatment. It’s also tough having a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer. People often don’t know what to get them, and result in just sending flowers—which most cancer patients are not even allowed to have while they are going through chemotherapy. We can’t take away the pain and trauma that cancer causes, but we can sure offer support and smiles, through these chemo kits! Jessica is also the author of a popular Cancer 101 book entitled “Talk Cancer to Me: My Guide to Kicking Cancer’s Booty”. It is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and now can be added to your Chemo Kit!