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No one says that you have to stop being fabulous in your fight against cancer, and you certainly don’t have to fight alone! Cancer sucks, in every way, shape, and form. The mission behind Chemo kits is designed to brighten a cancer patient’s day, and bring a smile to their faces during the trials and tribulations of their diagnosis.

Designed by Jessica DeCristofaro, a Stage 4 cancer survivor and the “Lymphoma Barbie” blogger herself, these chemo kits were originally tested at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami with patients going through chemotherapy and sent to other cancer centers through out the country, and even in Europe! The feedback of the chemo kits was so positive, that she felt it should be shared. Jessica has worked in the Dermatology field for over 5 years, so skincare is her passion. Motivational writing and speaking is another one of her passions, as she blogged her entire way through her cancer diagnosis, treatment, and even post cancer life. read more…

Chemo Kits

Chemo Kits

Our unique personalized kits include a selection of high quality products that will brighten up any cancer patient’s day. We understand how difficult it is to determine what is an appropriate gift to send someone that was recently diagnosed with cancer is.

There are a million thoughts running through this patient’ head. The whole chemo kit will include: An inspirational note and/or necklace and bracelet,
that will be a daily remember for them to keep going!

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``Chemo always made me feel like crap! This cute little box gave me the motivation to get out of bed..and actually wash my face!`` - Kaytlin
``I loved my chemo kit! It was so cute and I loved that the products were all great for my sensitive skin- Yaira
``Love, love, love the kit my friends bought me! I'll be wearing my pink mask to my next chemo too, hehe``- Melissa