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As the quote says, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” at these trying times your friend who has cancer is truly needing you. Well-meaning actions will matter most to them during this period. These are some things you can consider.

Gifts for cancer patients: idea no. 1: Visit Them

During this period of their lives, cancer patients tend to feel a vast array of emotions. Emotions such as guilt, anger, fear, worry, and anxiety are some of these. Cancer can cause a wide range of emotions that you're not used to coping with, in the same way, as it impacts your physical health. This, to some, may feel overwhelming and can lead to them isolating themselves from the world around them. As a friend, this is where you come in. Being a friend to a cancer patient can sometimes simply start by paying a visit. Presence means a lot in a friendship, and for your friend who is a cancer patient, it may mean so much more. Activities such as sharing your favorite music or movies and watching them together might be something that you can enjoy and make them feel like you are there. Understand that there are times when your friend might not want to talk but remember that they do not like to be alone or feel alone either. You may act as a welcome distraction that in the long run helping them feel like they did before cancer played a major role in their lives

Gifts for cancer patients: idea no. 2: Listen more

Congratulations, you are now physically there. But the next problem is, what are you going to say? Finding the right words to say at this point may be a daunting task for all of us. Talking and not talking to them both evoke emotions. A key reminder for being a friend to a cancer patient is that, arguably, one of the greatest gifts for cancer patients is a listening ear. What you say is not as important as making them feel that you are physically there and how much you want to listen. An exercise you can do is to listen without feeling that you are obligated to respond to what they say. Helping them focus on things that can uplift them, such as travel, sports, friends, religion, or anything that can bring out a good feeling is something they will appreciate. Soliciting their advice, opinions, and views is a good gift for cancer patients because it will make them feel that they are still playing a significant role in the friendship. Listen, listen Listen! Resist the urge to try to make the experience lighter or heavier without them welcoming you in. When it comes to coping with this situation, we all move at a different pace. Listening will greatly assist you in determining their tempo and their state, helping you know the best way to accompany them on this journey.

Gifts for cancer patients: idea no. 3: Give Tokens

Notice, instead of a gift, the term used was "token." According to the dictionary, tokens are tangible or visible representations of the quality, feeling, or fact. Gifts for cancer patients such as time, love, and compassion are intangible gifts that are extremely valuable, but they must be accompanied by a tangible representation of your care for them. The market for gifts for cancer patients is now growing. Gifts like lip balm, healthy snacks, and flowers are great, but often we are unsure of which things to put together. Chemo care packages are great because they are stuffed with what your friend who has cancer needs. They are cancer care packages, thoughtfully picked and specifically made as gifts for cancer patients. 


Original Chemo Kit: Chemotherapies affect a patient physically as well as emotionally. Your friend is no exception to this situation. A great chemo care package that caters to these needs is the Original chemo care kit. This chemo care kit includes: an inspirational notebook or pen for their thoughts and experiences, hand lotion and peppermint lip balm to keep them moisturized, a fuzzy keychain, a good luck necklace, Gem Gem’s Ginger Candies that can help them when they experience nausea, and a keepsake box.

Chemo Chic Kit: This cancer care package is a personalized package for your elegantly fashionable friend. With this chemo care package, battling cancer while looking chic is possible. This package is made to make them feel your love while making them feel and look fabulous as well. Inside this kit are an inspirational bracelet, an inspirational notebook or pen, a keepsake box, chemo head wraps, and lavender lotions.

Lavenders Dream Chemo Kit: Lavenders are Mediterranean plants widely known as evergreen plants whose oil is widely used for soothing effects and muscle relaxation. This chemo care package aims to make your friend feel your evergreen love for them as well as offer them a soothing and relaxing experience in this trying period of their lives. This chemo care package is packed with a lavender bath soak, lavender hand lotion, silk eye mask, peppermint lip balm, Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, and a keepsake box.            


"What can I do to help?" and "Let us know if you need anything" are words cancer patients are frequently asked by family and friends who want to help but don't know where to begin. However, the question might be perplexing to answer for patients as well, especially if they are struggling to come to grips with their diagnosis. Your presence and comfort mean so much to them during these trying times. But a token or reminder of your love, like a cancer care package or chemo care package, can take your empathy, presence, and comfort to the next level.


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