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How to Help Chemotherapy Patients Feel Better

Chemotherapy is one of the best gifts for cancer patients, it greatly helps in people’s battle with the cancer disease. Unfortunately it has extremely unpleasant side-effects as well. That is why many cancer patients have devised their own methods for managing the side effects of cancer treatments, such as chemo mouth, nausea, fatigue, and neuropathy. Keep in mind though that it is still best to discuss with your doctor the best way to manage these unpleasant side effects. But for the meantime you can try the tips listed below to help a chemotherapy patient feel better with the mentioned side effect.

Hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most common misfortunes when undergoing chemotherapy but not all chemo treatments can cause it. So when someone you love suffers from hair loss, prepare a chemo care package or a gift for cancer patients with a soft-bristle brush and headgear like caps, scarves and even a wig. They will surely appreciate those!


Chemotherapy can result in peripheral neuropathy or damage to the nerves that detect touch and warmth. This commonly manifests as numbness in the fingers and toes, but it can also present as heightened sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. To avoid numbness or discomfort, simply massage the patient's hands or squeeze their fingertips often.

Difficulty in swallowing

Many things, including water, might be difficult to swallow for people suffering from brain or head and neck cancer. To cope with it, you may make a variety of blended, creamy soups using this. It's also a good idea to include adding high-calorie items like nut butter, avocado, or oils to blended foods in your chemo care package for folks who have problems swallowing.

Parched/dry mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by certain chemotherapies and radiation to the head and neck. Instead of dry meals, consider giving them sandwiches or crackers dipped in soup, yogurt, pudding, French toast, or spaghetti with lots of sauce. It is also advised to rinse their mouth with water before eating and take tiny sips of water during the meal.

Nausea and Vomiting

You can alleviate nausea and vomiting by assisting them in changing their eating habits. You can help set a timetable for them, such as eating five or six little meals instead of three large ones. Another is to enable them to eat and drink at their leisure. Also avoid bringing in strong-smelling foods, since this may aggravate their sickness. Strong odors can cause nausea.

Changes in taste

Cancer treatment can alter the body's reaction to food in a variety of ways. Favorite items, such as ice cream, might taste drastically different. Chemotherapy might have an impact on your perception of taste.

Meat may taste different to certain patients. If this is the case, substitute fowl, mild-flavored fish, or dairy products. Avoid their favorite meals if they taste different, so kids don't acquire a dislike for them.


Fatigue can be caused by both the disease and chemotherapy. Sending chemo care packages is insufficient. Of course, sleeping and taking it easy is crucial, but there may be other lifestyle changes cancer patients may attempt. One of them is working out. Cancer patients might benefit from exercise to help them get through treatment. Although it is entirely up to the person, encouraging your friend or loved one to exercise goes a long way. Try including a fitness tracker or simple exercise equipment in your cancer care package.

Chemo brain

Some patients have short-term mental fog following therapy. You might attempt to provide chemo care packages to cancer sufferers to help manage the so-called “chemo brain.” Include a daily planner with your chemo care package to help them organize and recall appointments, names, addresses, phone numbers, and to-do lists. Another way to deal with the chemo brain is to keep their brain engaged. You may use it to enroll them in a class, attend lectures, or solve puzzle games.


Chemotherapy can help your loved one throughout the battle against cancer, but it also has drawbacks. It varies for every cancer patient and the treatment required. Thus, everyone has a unique reaction. Giving gifts for cancer patients is a good, great thing, and so is giving them chemo care packages, however, help doesn’t stop there. You can always give a helping hand to them by making time and by attending to them, even without notice. Because sometimes, the greatest gift that you could give as a gift for cancer patients is your time, effort, and existence.

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