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How to Support a Child with Cancer

Cancer poses a significant impact on everyone, more so, on children who have been diagnosed with it. They face tremendous adjustments and excruciating challenges, but they are resilient. It is crucial when you talk to them about their expectations in the process, giving them warmth, comfort, and encouragement that there is hope and everything will be fine.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it can also be a devastating blow to the part of the parents and other family members. Cancer creates a significant crisis in the family. The following are some of the tips on how you can give support to a child with cancer and some recommended gifts for cancer patients that you can provide for them not to feel alone during this crucial time.

Giving a sincere talk to your child

It is imperative to provide honest information and age-appropriate information about the current state of your child. Do not hesitate to use the word “cancer” when having a heart-to-heart talk with them. Know that while adults often associate anxiety with the diagnosis, children can feel secure knowing what their current state is called.

However, be realistic when talking to them while remaining hopeful. Encouraging your child not to be hesitant to ask questions is a crucial move throughout their treatment process. If you don’t know the answer to a question posed by your child, do not be afraid to inform him/her that you don’t know the answer. Try as much as you can to find out the answer afterward.

Make your child well-prepared in the process

Talk to them by going over the treatment plan. Consequently, explain to them the changes that they may encounter and how they will gradually affect their life. Be an effective support system by preparing them for some drastic changes that they may experience during the treatment process like fatigue, weight, and hair loss, to name some. It is best if you make a listing of questions that you do not know the answer to and bring them to the medical practitioners for them to fully elaborate with you and your child.

Give them reassurance

Giving them reassurance that everything will be fine is a vital step to support a child with cancer. Hence, let them know that you and the medical team are doing their absolute best in the treatment process. Especially in moments when they feel vulnerable and susceptible to doubts, they may seek more reassurance. Continue to make your child feel that you are present to take care of them and let them know that the medical team is giving all that they can.

Encourage them to voice out what they feel

Allow the child to explicitly express what they feel in whatever ways they are comfortable. May it be writing in a journal, talking verbally, or drawing. Provide them utmost assurance that what they feel at the moment is valid and acceptable. Do not coerce them to express their feelings when they are not comfortable. Be sure to continue supporting them in this stage.

Collaborate with others

Speak with your child’s teachers, nurses, and school social workers and discuss your child’s educational and medical needs, as well as the overall process should your child be diagnosed. You can also coordinate with the school liaison for some information regarding school work and health matters. Explore remote and online learning options if they are available.

Reach out for support

Help your child identify people who can offer support, including relatives, friends, teachers, to name some. You may also want to speak with the social worker of the hospital about local counseling and support services for children diagnosed with cancer. Reach out to your child about some ways they want to be supported, and identify things that are significantly helpful to them.

Provide gifts for cancer patients

It is not an easy task to think of gifts for cancer patients that can make them feel warmth amid a heartless and hopeless situation. It may seem inadequate at the best to provide gifts for cancer patients, and also inappropriate at the worst. However, it should stop you from giving them a cancer care package, chemo care package, or any token gifts to a child for encouragement. Here are some of the recommended gifts for cancer patients:

  • Girls Chemo Kit: This chemo care package is specifically designed to encourage your child that there is hope, bringing a radiating smile on their face. This chemo care package includes a chic and comfortable headband, a plush unicorn stuffed toy, a fidget toy, and a do-it-yourself mask kit where she can design her mask in a fun and creative way. This is the ideal cancer care package that you can give while they are battling cancer.
  • Boys Chemo Kit: There is also a chemo care package that is specifically designed for boys! This can make them feel warmth with a plush stuffed toy, a large fidget toy, a dinosaur notebook, and a do-it-yourself mask kit where he can also design a mask creatively. This is an ideal cancer care package for boys to make them at least feel that they are not alone in combating the battle.

Cancer takes a seemingly enormous toll on the emotional and physical well-being of a child. While you cannot take away their fear and pain, you can help them by giving them warmth and providing comfort in the best possible way you can. Providing gifts for cancer patients can be one of the ways to lift their spirit and provide encouragement, and distract them from the anxiety and procedures that they need to undergo.

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