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What To Put In A Chemo Care Package for Women?

If your girlfriend or someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer, it is heartbreaking, and we want them to feel better, but sometimes it is so hard to know what to do.

There is nothing you can do to alter the way your loved one is diagnosed or treated, but there is something you can do to make that process a little more pleasant, especially if chemotherapy is involved. It can be demanding and uncomfortable for her to undergo chemotherapy treatments. Whether you live nearby or far away, You can show your support and show that you care by giving a chemo care package to a loved one going through this difficult period. The idea is simple enough, a selection of gifts for cancer patients, large or small, based on the unique interests and needs of your loved one or friend, that will serve as a distraction to them during the difficult time they are going through.

No matter the type of difficulty, any friend who is undergoing it will appreciate these thoughtful gift for cancer patients, regardless of their age or diagnosis.

A cancer care package for a woman diagnosed with cancer will look very different from a man, teen or a child diagnosed with cancer, so Chemo kits have some few help suggestions for you.


Personal care items for chemo care package

The first general category is personal care items. This category could include things that will pamper and help patients avoid unnecessary discomfort during treatment.

Lotions or moisturizer. Dry skin is a common side effect of chemotherapy. A gentle skin moisturizer can soothe dry skin and prevent sores and rashes. Cancer patients may find strong-smelling products nauseating or irritating, so avoid them in your chemo care package. However, a peppermint scent may be helpful for alleviating nausea.

Lip balm. It's also common for lips to get dry and painful. Use a lip balm that has natural essential oils. Do not use anything with a strong scent as it could trigger nausea.

Hand Sanitizer. When she is undergoing chemotherapy, her immune system is compromised, so she should wash her hands regularly. If there is no sink nearby, a small hand sanitizer is an indispensable gift for cancer patients.


Keeping her entertained

While cancer treatments can be long and tedious, a good book or movie can be a great distraction. Find out what your loved one enjoys and consider sending them some magazines, e-books, or a video subscription.


For inspiration

Journal, notebooks and stylish colored pens. She will appreciate having an area to record what she is feeling and note her appointments. Include colorful, fun pens in your cancer care package for her. It is common for cancer patients to use different colored pens to track how they feel or differentiate between different medical appointments.


Our chemo kits for her

Original chemo kit 

We understand how difficult it is to determine what is an appropriate gift for a cancer patient. There are a million thoughts running through their head. This whole chemo kit will include: An inspirational note and/or necklace and bracelet, that will be a daily reminder for them to keep going. This also includes one full size essential oil anxiety relief roller, one chapstick, one inspirational notebook and pen, and of course a good luck elephant charm necklace. We also throw in a free surprise gift!


Chemo chic kit

Our number one seller and the best chemo care package for the woman that doesn’t want to stop being fabulous. Our cancer care package includes an inspirational notebook & diamond ball point pen, a chic pill container and ice pack, lip balm, a do-it-yourself, reusable popsicle maker, and of course our favorite item…our chemo chic head wrap! This kit is bound to turn heads.


Lavender dreams chemo kit 

Send lavender dreams chemo kit to your friend. Lavender scent helps with chronic anxiety and sleep during the chemotherapy treatment period. It contains a bath soak, hand lotion, fuzzy eye mask, peppermint lip balm, good luck necklace and a keepsake box.


Chill vibes chemo kit

Help her chill and relax with our chill vibes chemo kit. It contains a calm essential oil roller blend, Rose hand lotion, face mask for sensitive skin, a cute hand sanitizer, peppermint lip balm and a keepsake box.


Other Ways You Can Help

Are there other ways you can offer help and show support apart from giving gifts for cancer patients? You can simply be there for them.

Cancer patients need to be encouraged that they are not dying from it, but are living with it. Make sure she is not just sitting around letting her life be ruled by cancer. Cancer wins if they do.

Another option, if she is experiencing nausea, is to arrange for a meal delivery between friends. A prepared meal can help those suffering from nausea since the smell of food cooking can increase nausea. Additionally, food delivery brings regular company for the patient. Getting in touch may be as simple as giving them a call or going out for lunch. You may also drive them to appointments or pick up their medication from the pharmacy.In most cases, cancer patients just need your presence and a helping hand during their treatment. Your love and support are the best gift for a cancer patient.

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