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Best gifts for a friend with breast cancer

Women in the United States are likely to develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime at a rate of about 1 in 8. By 2021, an estimated 281,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S., while 49,290 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed.

It is heart-breaking when someone you love has been a part of that terrible statistic. It is important that we acknowledge them for their struggles and be there for them when they need our support. One of the best ways to show our love and support is by giving them a cancer care package or gifts for cancer patients.But it's hard to know what they would like and/or need, and who wants to bother them by asking what they want? It's very likely they will claim they don't need a gift. So if you want to help a friend or loved one with breast cancer but don't know how, here are 18 creative ideas you probably haven't thought of that will send a supportive, thoughtful message to them.

What is a good gift for a breast cancer patient?

What you bring is not as important as the gift you give. The box, the bag, the basket, or whatever else you do won't mean nearly as much as what you give yourself.

Your friendship, love, and support are the most important gift for a cancer patient. Your treatment of a friend or loved one with breast cancer is extremely important. That's the starting point for a thoughtful gift for a cancer patient.

Don't make cancer-sufferers' feelings worse by treating them like babies. So always keep a normal attitude.

If you think essential oils or apple cider vinegar cure is helpful for you, please remember that a breast cancer patient's experience, body and reactions will be different. So please be mindful of your medical advice towards breast cancer patients.

Ask the cancer patient if they need help with childcare, or grocery runs or even laundry. Don't just say "Let me know if you need anything." They are likely too embarrassed to ask for help. So simply find ways to help.

When someone is going through a difficult period, it is tempting to pull out cheesy quotes and tell them this will be alright. Don't do that. But instead...

Be affirming of who they are. While some breast cancer patients are warriors, others are gentle spirits. Then there are those that combine the two, and those that are something totally different. Be aware of your friend's unique style of inner strength and compliment it. Please don't try to fit your loved one into a stereotypical box, they've got enough on their plate right now, so they don't need to conform to more expectations.

Finally, bring a thoughtful gift for cancer patients. Below are some chemo care packages we offer for breast cancer patients. Take advantage of those great ideas, but consider also sending a simple handwritten card or asking if they need help with some basic chores like laundry, grocery runs or even childcare.

Our chemo care packages for breast cancer patients

Gifts for cancer patients can really brighten up a hospital room, and make them look forward to going home once they are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It might be the best time to purchase a cancer care package.

Original chemo kit

We understand how difficult it is to determine what is an appropriate gift for a cancer patient. There are a million thoughts running through their head. So we made it easier for them. This whole chemo kit will include: An inspirational note and/or necklace and bracelet, that will be a daily reminder for them to keep going. This also includes one full size essential oil anxiety relief roller, one chapstick, one inspirational notebook and pen, and, of course a good luck elephant charm necklace. We also threw in a free surprise gift!

Chemo chic kit 

Our number one seller and the best chemo care package for the woman that doesn’t want to stop being fabulous. Our cancer care package includes an inspirational notebook & diamond ball point pen, a chic pill container and ice pack, lip balm, a do-it-yourself, reusable popsicle maker, and of course our favorite item…our chemo chic head wrap! This kit is bound to turn heads. 

Lavender dreams chemo kit

Send lavender dreams chemo kit to your friend. Lavender scent helps with chronic anxiety and sleep during the chemotherapy treatment period. It contains a bath soak, hand lotion, fuzzy eye mask, peppermint lip balm, good luck necklace and a keepsake box.

Chill vibes chemo kit 

Help her chill and relax with our chill vibes chemo kit. It contains a calm essential oil roller blend, Rose hand lotion, face mask for sensitive skin, a cute hand sanitizer, peppermint lip balm and a keepsake box.

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