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Gifts for cancer patients during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting everyone around the globe. It has changed how we live, work, play, study, travel, shop, eat, sleep, pray, grieve…the list goes on! The impact of this global health emergency will be felt for years to come.

We are all in uncharted territory right now and everyone is feeling its effects, but it's especially harder for people with medical conditions, particularly cancer patients. Since cancer patients are especially vulnerable to coronaviruses, social distancing is crucial to their protection against COVID-19. Additionally, it is important to realize that social distancing and anxiety can compound feelings of loneliness and social isolation in cancer patients. This pandemic has turned their lives upside down, and they're anxious and missing their old lives.

Preparing gifts for cancer patients during this pandemic and lockdowns is a good way to remind them that they are always in your thoughts and prayers and lessen your loved ones' isolation and loneliness. So let Chemo Kits help you with the ideal items to pack in your cancer care package for your loved one during this Coronavirus outbreak.


  1. Face mask. A majority of cancer patients are immunocompromised, so wearing a mask has never been more important during this crisis. Including a mask in your cancer care package has never been more important today, and they can't have too little of them. Here at Chemo Kits they are included on every cancer care package we offer.
  2. Soap or hand sanitizer. It is one of the most important things you can do to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by keeping your hands clean. Chemo Kits always advise you to add this to your gift for cancer patients. In addition to soap and water, hand sanitizer is always a good backup option for keeping hands clean.
  3. Give them meals or snacks. Including nutritious foods in your gifts for cancer patients is a great way to encourage health and wellness during this time of need. Just make sure what you include in the cancer care package is what they need or want by simply asking them if the certain type of food you are giving them is appropriate.
  4. Help with grocery shopping and other essentials. Helping out cancer patients with their daily chores is another great way to ease their burden. Just make sure that when shopping and delivering groceries, to leave them outside to prevent contact. You can also get them delivered or ready to pick up at curbside by ordering online.
  5. Books to read. Books are a great way to provide wisdom, inspiration and comfort to anyone, more so with someone undergoing a difficult battle. They offer practical advice, and change anyone's perspective. Buying a book as a gift for cancer patients can be quite a challenge, but once your loved one gets to enjoy the book, the lessons will stay with them deeply throughout their life. So don't miss out and spend some time checking out what books you think they will love and appropriate for what the cancer patient is going through.
  6. Gift cards for video streaming services. Watching movies or a series is an easy way to pass the time and keep your loved ones entertained. Most streaming services allow you to buy gift cards nowadays, so take advantage of it, just make sure your loved ones enjoy watching movies.
  7. Adult coloring book. Another good alternative to keep your loved one occupied and entertained are coloring books. It has been proven to be relaxing, and unwinding with art work helps deal with pandemic fatigue, something everyone needs.
  8. Say hi and check in regularly. Whether you contact them via text, phone call, email, or video chat, make it a point to do so. An occasional text to check in, share a joke, or encourage each other can make a significant difference in reducing social isolation.


Coping with cancer during this COVID-19 crisis can bring up a wide range of feelings you’re not used to dealing with and remember that it is even worse for your loved one battling cancer. Preparing a cancer care package or giving gifts to cancer patients goes a long way in helping them feel loved and less isolated, making them stronger and supported during this very difficult period.

Chemo Kits have made it easier for you to prepare a cancer care package in cases you are overwhelmed during this difficult COVID-19 lockdown as well. Simply visit our shop page for a wide variety of choices and more gift ideas for cancer patients

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