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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For a Loved One with Lung Cancer

In the United States, lung cancer is the leading cause of death for both men and women. The rate of death from this cancer surpassed breast cancer in 1987. Nearly 541,000 Americans have been diagnosed with lung cancer at some point in their lives.

When somebody you love is a part of that awful statistic, it is heart-breaking. No matter how well you know a friend or loved one with lung cancer, It is always a challenge to cheer them up or come up with a gift for lung cancer patients to brighten up their day as much as you can. Most lung cancer survivors go through intense chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and other treatments like radiation and surgery. Taking both drugs and undergoing procedures will deplete the lung cancer patient's energy and darken their mood.

You can cheer them up with a gift for cancer patients. And those gifts shouldn't necessarily be wrapped in a box and tied with a bow if it is being given to a lung cancer patient or survivor. Spending time with the lung cancer patient or survivor, or helping them with chores, can sometimes be the greatest gift. However, several gifts can be wrapped or placed in a cancer care package easily, as well. There is no one right gift for cancer patients, but here are some ideas to get you started!

Thoughtful gift ideas for a lung cancer patient

Your time and support is the best gift for cancer patients. It goes a long way to make someone feel better just to make them feel less alone. There is nothing more terrifying and isolating than cancer. You could take your loved one out for lunch, ice cream, or coffee. The quality time spent together is more important than the activity.

Something to keep them warm and comfortable should be included in the cancer care package. Oftentimes, cancer treatments come with body aches and pain as well as feeling cold. Gifts that make patients feel comfortable and warm make great gifts. Blankets, heating pads, pretty wraps, and sweaters are always helpful in keeping the cancer patient warm and comfortable.

Help your loved one with daily chores. Daily chores can often get sidelined during cancer treatment. Since it can take a lot of time and energy when your loved one is undergoing chemotherapy. It's hard to keep up with cleaning and basic household chores with everything else going on. The importance of supporting your loved ones in their daily activities is often underestimated. Cleaning, cooking, and laundry are some of the areas that can fall by the wayside during treatment. Offering to do these chores as a gift for cancer patients is a great way to show your care.

Something to keep them occupied and entertained is a must for a chemo care package. You should give them something that allows them to pass the time while they are receiving treatment as well as after. Cancer treatments can be quite time-consuming, such as chemotherapy. An inspirational book, games or even doing art in case your loved one is into it is very helpful.

A card can do wonders. Even if you can't be there in person, a card can do wonders. You can send an inspirational card, a well wisher card, or a simple thinking-of-you card to show someone how much they mean to you.

Our chemo care packages for lung cancer patients

Once your loved one with lung cancer is undergoing chemotherapy, gifts can really help brighten up their mood. Knowing someone cares and loves them gives any cancer patient a strong reason to fight the disease. Perhaps now is the best time to purchase a cancer care package.

Original chemo kit

Choosing a gift that is appropriate for cancer patients can be difficult. Their minds are filled with a million thoughts. So we made it easier for them. This whole chemo kit will include: An inspirational note and/or necklace and bracelet, that will be a daily reminder for them to keep going. This also includes one full size essential oil anxiety relief roller, one chapstick, one inspirational notebook and pen, and, of course a good luck elephant charm necklace. We also threw in a free surprise gift!

Chemo chic kit 

The number one seller and the best chemo care package for the woman who doesn't want to give up being fabulous. Our cancer care package includes an inspirational notebook & diamond ball point pen, a chic pill container and ice pack, lip balm, a do-it-yourself, reusable popsicle maker, and of course our favorite item…our chemo chic head wrap! This kit is bound to turn heads. 

Lavender dreams chemo kit 

Lavender scent helps with chronic anxiety and sleep during the chemotherapy treatment period. It contains a bath soak, hand lotion, fuzzy eye mask, peppermint lip balm, good luck necklace and a keepsake box. Send lavender dreams chemo kit to your friend.

Chill vibes chemo kit 

Help her chill and relax with our chill vibes chemo kit. It contains a calm essential oil roller blend, Rose hand lotion, face mask for sensitive skin, a cute hand sanitizer, peppermint lip balm and a keepsake box.



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