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Tips For Creating The Perfect Chemo Care Package

At any time or event, gifts can be meaningful, but they are especially even more impactful during traumatic events such as a person undergoing chemotherapy. It's for this reason that chemo care packages are the perfect gift for cancer patients. Giving gifts to cancer patients is never all about the cost; it's always about the love and thought that is behind it. As the saying goes “It's the thought that counts”.

It isn't just a bunch of goodies that are inside chemo care packages; the sentiment behind them is more profound. It reminds the cancer patient that you care and are always there for them. Your loved one will get useful and meaningful gifts as part of a cancer care package, and you can let them know that they are not alone during this challenging time. Cancer patients' friends and family members find cancer care packages to be therapeutic; they want to do whatever they can to help, and this is a great way to do that.

The essentials for every chemo care package

The contents of every box will differ, but all should include some useful basics. Here are some of the essential items you should include in your chemotherapy care package as a start: 

Headgear. Due to the harsh drugs used during chemotherapy, many chemotherapy patients will experience hair loss. Headscarves, beanies or a comfortable cap are great options when it comes to headwear. A comfortable cap is a must, even for those who wear wigs. It is easy to throw these onto in a snap, and you can even keep them in your car, purse, or pocket for quick trips. 

When choosing a chemo cap, it is important to pick one that is soft, has minimal seams and is fully enclosed. Choosing a basic cap is best as it will match more outfits, and you can make it look more or less stylish depending on the accessories you add.

Lip Balm. It is common for cancer patients to have chapped, dry, or cracked lips during treatment. A Lip Balm is a great and helpful product for every cancer care package. Chapped lips can often be painful, but they can ease the pain by keeping the lips hydrated.

Lotions & Bath Products. Chemo patients also often get extremely dry skin as well as dry lips. Consider giving a care package that includes gentle, unscented lotions and bath products, such as lavender, goat milk or beeswax. This can help minimize the risk of the patient becoming allergic.  Try to avoid lotions that contain strong fragrances or dyes since these might irritate sensitive skin. 

Warm blankets and socks. Blankets and warm socks can help your loved one feel more comfortable since hospitals and clinics where chemotherapy is done are cold, chilly and can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Besides providing warmth, blankets can provide an extra sense of safety and comfort.

Handwritten Note. Finally, a handwritten note expressing your love and encouragement to your loved one or friend may be very much appreciated during their battle with cancer. This shows them that you care for them and are always available to support their needs during this very difficult period.

Non-essential items you can include in your gift for a cancer patient

Once you have included these essentials in your chemo care package, you can add other items. Here are a few suggestions for an even better gift for cancer patients:

  • Stuff that encourages them to exercise or move around such as workout clothes or gear.
  • Spa treatment to lessen the stress and tension they feel after undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Anything to keep them entertained such as inspiring books or streaming video subscription.
  • Healthy snacks and water to keep them hydrated and healthy. One of the most common side-effects of undergoing chemotherapy treatment is dehydration.
  • Inspirational quotes, books or even a simple note goes a long way.

Our chemo care packages

We understand how difficult and overwhelming it is for people with a loved one that is undergoing chemotherapy as well. The overpowering emotions and overload of thoughts can be paralyzing not just for the person undergoing chemotherapy treatment to the point thinking about preparing gifts for cancer patients can be impossible. Fret not, we have prepared some well thought of chemo care packages for any age and gender that is made with love and care.

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